Hertz Promo Codes | 30% Off In December 2023 (2024)

The Fleet: Vehicles for Everyone

When renting a vehicle for your next vacation, business trip, or other adventure, there is a wide range of luxury, sports, and hybrid cars available to meet your every Hertz car rental need. Opt for the Car/Sedan collection for your classic, compact, or full-size car for any budget or occasion; rent a Prestige vehicle for a unique, high-end, luxury vehicle to transform your day.

If you need to get a job done, try out a truck rental for a bit of extra room. Or, if you’re planning a big move, don’t think twice and book a moving truck rental or cargo van rental. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

The Hertz Adrenaline collection gives you a high-performance sports car with powerful performance; try out a Dream vehicle for something head-turning, or go for a truck rental when you need some extra moving power. Try out the rent-to-buy program to test out a car before making it yours. Next time you rent, be sure to use a Hertz coupon to go further and save more while doing it!

Save on Rentals

There are plenty of Hertz rental car deals to explore. Save 15% off the base rate of a daily or weekly rental, get special low multi-month rates on long-term rental cars, or score a monthly rental at a great discount by waiting for one of its sales. The longer you book, the more you’ll save, so consider Hertz the next time you’re craving a road trip or adventure.

Subscribe for Savings

Signing up for the email newsletter can earn you a Hertz promo code. Email subscribers will receive exclusive sales offers and double awards points with the rewards program.

You can also stay updated on the latest deals by signing up for the email newsletter. To sign up for the emails, you must enter your email address and click “submit.”

Students Receive a Discount

Many students are eligible to receive a Hertz discount code. Students over the age of 21 that have held a driver’s license for over a year can earn a coupon code for 15% to 20% off. You can earn a 15% off discount on most cars and a 20% discount on most vans.

Students will also need a valid credit card in their name to complete the booking process. When picking up the rental vehicle, the credit card must be shown at the booking location.

Military Discounted Rates

Military and government employees can receive a discounted rate when booking at Hertz. You can reserve a government or military vehicle for official use or leisure. To check out for leisure travel, you must enter your military CDP to qualify.

As a military member or government employee, you can enjoy a discounted rental rate and free upgrades. Military members can also receive a complimentary membership to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. Click “Book a leisure car rental” to get started.

Qualify for Special Savings

Select customers are eligible to qualify for special savings. Seniors over the age of 50 can receive a Hertz discount code for 20% off the base rental rate. AAA members can also qualify for a discounted rate, including a discount code for 20% off plus a complimentary upgrade at eligible locations. AAA members will also save $50 from the base rate if renting on a monthly basis.

Save With Hertz Rewards

Make renting faster and more rewarding by skipping the counter and becoming a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member today for free. Benefit from the ultimate choice by picking your car from the best fleet ever; use your hard-earned points for free rentals, vehicle upgrades, and other rewards; sign up for eReceipts and Express Return, and reach the private Gold customer service line. Hertz rewards program points do not expire if you rent at least once within an 18-month period, which is easy when you use a Hertz coupon code. Join for free today to make the most out of your next rental!

Rent On The Go

The redesigned Hertz app offers a faster, more personalized rental experience. By downloading the app you can access previous rentals for easier booking, hear about the latest sale events, view current rentals, modify future reservations, exclusive Hertz discounts, redeem your points, contact customer support, and more. As a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, you can also enjoy enhanced features to manage your rewards!

When you're looking to land a Hertz long-term rental at a more affordable price, downloading the app gives you instant access to all of the best deals at your fingertips. Make sure you enable push notifications to hear about upcoming discounts, such as any Black Friday car rental deals!

Pay Now and Save

Pre-pay for your next rental to save. Simply click on the “Pay Now” button while booking your Hertz van rental or another vehicle to enjoy a lower price. Combined with a Hertz promotion code, you can save approximately $15 by paying early instead of at the time of pick-up. Your discount will vary depending on location, length, and rental date, but you can often save at least $5 by paying ahead of time. Try it out next time!

Manager’s Special

Save on Hertz rentals with the Manager’s Special. You’ll get an Economy or larger vehicle at a rate that’s equal to an Economy car; when you arrive to pick up your booking, the location will pick the vehicle for you, and this offer guarantees a great rental with room for at least four passengers and two pieces of luggage.

Just click the “Book it Now” button, enter your rental details, select the Manager’s Special, apply a Hertz promotional code, and enjoy a surpriseupon pick-up. If this offer is not available when you’re trying to book, there’s no need to worry, just keep an eye out for a sale or subscribe to the mailing list to hear about the latest offers.

Entering a Promo Code

Once you have found a Hertz discount code to use, you must copy it to your clipboard. Go to the website and choose your destination, desired vehicle type, and travel dates. You must fill in your travel details, such as your name and age, during checkout.

Select any add-ons during the checkout process to proceed. During the payment process, you must paste the code into the promo code box and click apply. The promotion code will be automatically applied to your booking.

Payment Methods at Hertz

When booking with Hertz, you can conveniently checkout using all forms of credit, including a Visa or MasterCard Debit card. You can also checkout using a particular location’s charge card. Hertz will accept cash during select circ*mstances, but you must provide enough cash for the deposit.

Once you return the vehicle, if you are eligible for a refund, you will either receive cash back or a check sent to your home address. Hertz will place a deposit reserve amount on the credit card until your rental is complete.

Customer Service

To rent a Hertz vehicle, you must have a current driver’s license and a valid credit card such as American Express, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover, Hertz Card, JCB, Visa, or debit with an additional form of identification. At the time of rental, an authorization hold will be secured on the card provided and will be reversed once the car has been returned. You may opt for limited or unlimited mileage, depending on your intended purpose.

If you rent a vehicle at a Hertz neighborhood car rental location, its drivers can pick you up and drive you without hassle. To request a pickup and return service, you may book your Hertz reservations online or through its toll-free phone number. Feel free to contact its helpful customer service team if you have any difficulty locating your vehicle, completing a booking, or if you have any general concerns.

Previous Hertz Coupon

Discount TypeCoupon Codes & DealsDiscount AmountStatus
Online CouponHertz car rental discount code for 30% off30% OffOngoing
Online Coupon20% off your car rental for travellers at Hertz over 5020% OffOngoing
Online Deal15% off the base rate on your next daily or weekly rental15% OffOngoing
Online DealPre-Pay Deal: 20% off when you pay up front for your rental20% OffOngoing
Online DealManager's Special: Upgrade your vehicle for FREEFree UpgradeOngoing
Online CouponOver 5% off one-way rentals using this Hertz promo code5% OffOngoing

As an automotive enthusiast and expert with extensive knowledge in the rental car industry, I bring a wealth of information about Hertz and its diverse fleet offerings. My expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of various vehicle types, rental programs, and discounts available through Hertz.

Fleet Overview: Hertz provides a comprehensive range of vehicles catering to diverse needs, whether for vacations, business trips, or moving purposes. The fleet includes:

  1. Car/Sedan Collection: Classic, compact, or full-size cars for different budgets and occasions.

  2. Prestige Collection: Unique, high-end luxury vehicles to elevate your experience.

  3. Truck Rental: Ideal for jobs requiring extra room or for big moves, offering various sizes to suit different needs.

  4. Hertz Adrenaline Collection: High-performance sports cars for enthusiasts seeking powerful performance.

  5. Dream Collection: Head-turning vehicles that make a statement.

  6. Rent-to-Buy Program: Allows customers to test a car before making a purchase.

  7. Moving Truck Rental and Cargo Van Rental: Available in various sizes for different moving needs.

Discounts and Savings: Hertz offers a variety of discounts to make rentals more affordable:

  1. Hertz Coupon Codes: Utilize promo codes for discounts, such as 15% off the base rate, special multi-month rates, or monthly rental discounts during sales.

  2. Email Newsletter: Subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive sales offers, double awards points, and promo codes.

  3. Student Discounts: Students over 21 with a year-long driver's license can get 15% to 20% off using a special code.

  4. Military Discounts: Military and government employees enjoy discounted rates, free upgrades, and complimentary membership to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

  5. Special Savings: Seniors over 50, AAA members, and select customers can qualify for discounts ranging from 20% off to complimentary upgrades.

  6. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards: Joining the rewards program allows members to earn points for free rentals, upgrades, and other rewards. Points don't expire if you rent at least once within an 18-month period.

Hertz App: The redesigned Hertz app enhances the rental experience, offering features like quicker booking, access to previous rentals, exclusive discounts, and push notifications for upcoming deals.

Payment and Discounts: Customers can save by pre-paying for rentals, combining it with promo codes for additional savings. The Manager's Special provides an economical option, offering larger vehicles at the rate of an Economy car.

Booking and Promo Codes: Customers can enter promo codes during the checkout process to apply discounts. Promo codes can be found through various channels, including the email newsletter.

Payment Methods: Hertz accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and location-specific charge cards. Cash is accepted in select circ*mstances, requiring a deposit.

Customer Service: To rent a Hertz vehicle, a valid driver's license and credit card are required. Customer service is available for assistance with reservations, vehicle location, and general concerns.

In summary, Hertz provides a diverse fleet, numerous discount options, a user-friendly app, and efficient customer service, making it a preferred choice for various rental needs.

Hertz Promo Codes | 30% Off In December 2023 (2024)
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